Why I’m Gluten Free and Happy

I used to be a glutenaholic. I ate gluten filled foods like nobody’s business. And it took me many many years to finally figure out that although my mouth like gluten, my poor insides sadly did not. I suffered from migraines for years. I remember weeks on end with daily headaches and I just dealt with it. I was eating healthy, or so I thought. I loved those little sandwich thins, and those yummy pre portioned tiny cookies in a bag for only 100 calories. I counted points, I counted calories, I added in more fruit and veggies. But i felt awful. My head always hurt, I was in a constant fog, I felt anxious and like I couldn’t catch my breath.
My doctor put me on meds for  migraines, then meds for depression, then I had a hysterectomy and was put on HRT. I had had enough! But my doctors just wanted to put me on more and more pills. So I started my journey to get well on my own. I already knew I was sensitive to sugar so I cut sugar and ate sugar free. That didnt help much but did help me see that sugar was not the only problem. I kept a food and mood journal and finally put the puzzle pieces together. I knew I felt better on days when I had no wheat or flour..ding ding ding! I cut out all wheat, flour and sugar and finally after 20 years of feeling awful began to feel better. I don’t have Celiac Disease but I am gluten intolerant.
Now that gluten is out of my system I can’t even tell you how much better I feel. I’m more focused, have tons of energy, and feel a part of my own life. My moods don’t go all over the place and best off all I’m off all anti depressants and HRT..woo hoo! If you want help going gluten free, contact me and I am so happy to go on that journey with you. I have all the recipes you want plus the tools to help you transition because I wont’ lie, it’s not easy. But I’m here for you! Give me 30 days to change your life and you’ll never feel better!

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