Rave Reviews

Working with Michelle is one of the best decisions I have ever made. With her by my side I was able to finally get the weight off and put a stop to the destructive sugar cravings!” – Kimberly G.

Michelle, you have made what I thought impossible, possible. With all of my food allergies I was convinced I would never eat good food again… you sure did prove me wrong! Thank you so much for showing me that I can eat great food even with all my restrictions, I truly feel you have saved my life!!! – Josephina M.

When my doctor told me I could no longer eat gluten I felt like I would never be normal again. My first trip to a grocery store was incredibly frustrating and time consuming! I spent hours scouring the shelves for things I and my family could eat that was within budget and that was also appetizing. I almost gave up and just continued to eat what was making me feel so sick all the time. But then I met Michelle and she helped me come up with some brilliant recipes that my family actually enjoys, and my trips to the store are so much easier now. I signed up for a grocery store tour with Michelle and I am so glad I did! I do not have to spend nearly as much time in the store now reading label after label. I now know what stores I can go to, what brands of food I should look out for and avoid. I am so grateful to have reclaimed my health and sense of control! Thank you, Michelle. – Rebecca D. and family

Reviews from Be Vibrant Cleansers:

I have reintroduced some chicken and eggs but cannot bring myself to eat dairy, white sugar, white flour or caffeine or anything that isn’t clean and fresh and good for me. I have tried many attempts at eating better over the years and this cleanse is the only one to truly put me on a path of healthy eating as a lifestyle. My body too craves healthy food and I do not find it a challenge to feed it the good stuff. Thank you! Thank you! Oh, and did I mention I am losing weight too?! THANK YOU! -Catherine, a very happy cleanser.


Today is day 9 for me and we (me and hubs) are doing GREAT! He’s down 8 lbs. I didn’t step on the scale at all. I’m going by the way my clothes fit (I can totally tell when I’ve gained or lost 5 lbs). Which I believe I’m down 5-6 lbs too.  – Bonnie, our friend who, along with her husband, has continued on with her second cleanse program


you will LOVE it, I’m totally hooked…lol – Colleen…she just can’t get enough!


I am so addicted to this now, I haven’t had coffee in over two weeks now and don’t miss it. This is the first thing I do every morning, warm lemon water. – Bonnie, loving her new lifestyle!


Today has been amazing! The other day the doctor found a lump in my breast…went in for tests today and…all is well! When I came home I started cooking, making things to bring to my retreat this weekend. I can’t tell you how tickled I was to be standing in my kitchen preparing healthy, organic, vegan food! I have been eating only processed and fast food for years… I joke that I raised my son to think that all food comes through a window. But I wasn’t actually joking! Very sad really. Jesse tasted all of the roasted vegetables as they came out of the oven, And loved them!!!I made lentils and mixed all the vegetables with them, I thought it was delicious! I am so thrilled and thankful to Michelle and Cybill for all of the support and encouragement and. this wonderful plan! I’ll even admit that I cheated, and weighed myself, I have lost 6 pounds! – Darien, day 4 on the cleanse!

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