Is Perfectionism Ruining Your Day?


Perfectionism. Even the sound of this word makes me cringe. Clearly I am NOT a perfectionist. I used to be. I know lots of them. Sometimes I wish I was still one. But do I really?

Many..and I mean most, women think they need to be the perfect mom, wife, friend, worker, boss and woman. Superwoman to be exact. Who can do that? Not me. It’s exhausting. I tried. I failed. I felt bad about myself and my failure. I cried. I compared myself to other “perfect” women. I cried some more. Then I got real with myself. I made some sort of peace with myself and decided it’s ok to just be me. My sister says “if you love me, you love me warts and all”.  And boy do I have some warts!

I would never say don’t strive to be better, or do better. We are always a work in progress. But sometimes perfectionism can be crippling and just make you miserable. I have a friend who is a perfectionist to the point where she spends many many extra hours fixing and re-fixing work that she does. It can be your biggest asset or your worst enemy when it spirals out of control.

There is something to be said for being a bit of a free spirit (at least that’s what I like to call it) and not worrying about being perfect. I can make a mistake and know it’s ok. I can have a messy house and be at peace with myself. I can leave the house without make-up on and not care if I run into someone I know. It’s fun and light and free. I know I make other people crazy and they think I don’t care about stuff, but I do..I just don’t stress about it as much. I’m pretty simple and I like it that way.

My question is…
How do you view perfectionism?
Do you think it’s good because it makes you keep improving?
Or do you think it’s bad because you can never be perfect enough?

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