How is being Stuck helping you?

I was on a call with a coach and I told her I felt stuck and she asked me this simple question: How is being stuck helping you?

I paused..and thought..and thought…and I was blank. I couldn’t answer her. She told me to think about it and tell her later. She promised it would come to me. And me, being the spaz that I am, knew I would find the answer! I thought, and I meditated, and I thought some more. Nothing. Then, it happened, it came to me.


Ok..que lightning strike. If I keep saying I’m stuck, I have an excuse not to move forward. Oh crap. But now that I know this, I HAVE to move forward. So here I am writing this to get un-stuck.

For me this applies to my coaching work. I’ve gotten into a rut. I know what I want to do, how I want to do it but I’ve been wearing the dreaded cement shoes. You know those really ugly ones that keep you from taking a step? Yep, those suckers. Time to break free.Time to find out what being un-stuck feels like

How am I going to do this you ask? By being me. I realize that sometimes I’m just a little bit afraid (okay a lot afraid) to be ME. Uncensored, crazy, silly, moody, wonderful me. But what if people don’t like me? What if they unfriend me? What if I FAIL? So what? It will be ok, seriously.

My deep down in my gut, what I want to do with my life goal, is to be a coach (which I already am) but to take it to a deeper level. I can tell women what to eat and how to exercise for their body all day long.

More important to me is to teach women how to stop hating themselves, how to make friends with food, how to own their own power, how to look in the mirror and smile because they are amazing. And if I keep wearing these damn cement shoes I can’t do that. And that just sucks.

So here I am…ME…ready to bare it all…taking the chisel to those cement shoes. I’m grabbing life by the you-know-whats and going for it!

If you want to come fly with me, schedule a free session here . Let’s get YOU un-stuck too!

Shine on sister!!



Be Me

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