Does My Scale Define Me?

As I was updating my website and writing my About page it dawned on my just how much work it took to get here. Like most women my weight has gone up and down more times than I can count. I have a love hate relationship with my scale. I would hold my breath before stepping on it, especially if I’d eaten “bad” the day before. So why keep weighing myself you might ask? For self torture..hmm maybe. For validation..hmm maybe that too.
Trust me when I say there were many days when my scale made me cry. Yet I would get on it the very next day to see if I had become a better person overnight. How had I become this person who placed my self worth in the hands of a scale? I had two choices; get rid of the scale or realize the scale does not define me. Today I still have my scale, some days I still hate it or avoid it all together.. I am more than a number on a scale and although it’s good to know what I weigh so I can stay in a healthy range my scale with never ever define me again. And that feels mighty good :)

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