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What if you didn’t have to rely on sugar and coffee to get through the day?

How would it feel to zip up your pants once the bloat is gone?  

Wouldn’t it be nice to have 5 days of meals planned out for you? 

I’m here to tell you you CAN feel AMAZING in just 5 days?

I’m here to make sure you rock this cleanse!  

SAVE THE DATE – Cleanse Start Date is January 20, 2016

The Be Vibrant 5-Day Cleanse is the easiest cleanse you will ever do!!

You will be amazed at how good you feel, inside and out,  after just 5 short days! Get ready to clear out the old junk and weightiness,and make room for new vibrancy, new foods, new energy and new aspirations.

This incredible eBook was created by Michelle McClintock, Certified Health Coach, passionate about helping you to become a healthier, brighter you!

What will you get with the Be Vibrant Cleanse?

  • Pre-Cleanse Training Call with your cleanse coach Michelle (that’s ME!).
  • Post – Cleanse Call so you can share how amazing your experience was!
  • Be Vibrant Cleanse packet, including a 5-day meal plan and tons of awesome and simple recipes.
  • Unlimited coaching, support and love via private Be Vibrant Cleanse Facebook group page.
  • Daily emails from your Michelle, your Be Vibrant Cleanse Guide, to help keep you stay motivated, on track, informed and excited about your cleansing journey.
  • Be Vibrant post-cleanse packet to help send you on your way and continue with your healthy lifestyle, as well as post-cleanse tips and support.

What will you eat on the Be Vibrant Cleanse?

Simple to prepare, delicious meals made from whole, fresh ingredients. Every day has a amazing recipes that will keep you full and satisfied, we promise you will never be hungry!

The 5-day Meal Plan includes:

  • Easy to follow yet flexible meal plan
  • Recipes broken down by day
  • Shopping lists broken down by Pantry Items, and Days 1-5
  • Tips for shopping and preparation

Join our next online cleanse and be prepared to enjoy the ride!

How will you FEEL? (I think this is the BEST part!)

The Be Vibrant Cleanse has been 10 days for the past 2 years but I decided to get outrageous this fall and make it 5 days! Not only will this cleanse be easy,  you will see results in 5 days like:

  • Better sleep! Oh yea baby!

  • MORE energy! Can you handle it?

  • Lose the belly bloat – bye bye!

  • Balanced MOODS! Yep!

  • A great start to getting OFF THE DIET HAMSTERWHEEL! Step away!

  • Lose up to 7 pounds!

Are you Ready?? 

  • To eat well
  • Live simply
  • Be happy
  • Feel amazing

Grab your spot in the Be Vibrant 10-Day Cleanse starting on Jan 20th

Sign up TODAY!


Early Bird Price 89.00



Two Cleanse start dates: January 20th & February 17th

Important dates:

Pre Cleanse meeting Jan 13th or Feb 10th
Cleanse start  Jan 20th or Feb 17th
Cleanse 2nd meeting Jan 27th or Feb 24th
Final day of cleanse and final meeting Feb 3rd or Mar 2nd
Group Support = SUCCESS 

I’m so committed to your success that I’m offering a 100% refund! Give it your all, try your best and if you hate it, get your money back. 

More questions? No problem! Email Michelle at

Not sure if the Be Vibrant Cleanse is for you?  Simply contact Michelle, your Certified Health Coach and Be Vibrant Cleanse Guide, to schedule a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation Click here


Testimonials from Happy Cleansers! 


“Just did my final weigh in. Down another 3 lbs. Lost 7 lbs in 10 days!!” Nicole F.

“Six days post cleanse and still enjoying these delicious recipes.” Nicole F.

“So I just want to share I am down 8 pounds on this cleanse and I feel great , the sugar addict in me is still alive but choosing fruit instead of a cookie feels great !”   Kim G. 

“Thank you Michelle McClintock for leading the Be Vibrant 10-day Cleanse Program. Your support along with the recipes and the group interaction made it EASY for us to follow through and complete. The words vegan, gluten free and cleanse were words that I never thought would cross my path. I’m so happy that I’ve accepted and embraced these concepts. And now I know there’s a way to get out of “food jail.” Lisa M.

“Thank you!!! it’s been great….. not always easy, but so worth it. Down 7 lbs but more than that I feel my ‘belly’ flatter – just feels different than before. I’m excited for a new challenge now the 10 day detox is over! Plus I still have so many of these great recipes to use for my new ‘cleansed’ body to enjoy!”  Rachel M.

“Holy moly! So I finally weighed myself. My assumption being that I have to lose 10-13 lbs. – okay – I’ll face it for real and start from here. So I looked at the scale and the number is only 6 lbs from my goal (Is it true? Is the scale broken?). Thank you, 2 rounds of Be Vibrant 10 Day Cleanse.” Lisa M. happy repeat Cleanser

Be Vibrant Cleanse
Eat Well. Live Simply. Be Happy. Feel Awesome.
The Be Vibrant 10-Day Cleanse is the easiest cleanse you will ever do!! You will be amazed at how good you feel, inside and out, after just 10 short days! ...learn more